A little found from the thriftstore, two new plants (show you their flowers this weekend) and my advocado-proof ,have 3 of them, hope there will appear some cracks and little leaves very soon.

Enjoy your friday, and wish you a wonderful start of the weekend.


10 Responses to “Grow.”

  1. alma Says:

    Teach me how to make that! Just beautiful!

  2. coco Says:

    I am thinking about planting avocado seed too. Should I put it in a water first and how long?

    • To be honest, dear Coco, I have no idea. In one of my books they say that you have to put it half away in the water and then leave it on a warm, dark place. And in this way it will get roots and little leaves. When the roots are big enough you can put it in some soil.
      But I have no idea how long it will takes, it depends on the pit. Sometimes it goes really quick, but it can take a long time (that’s what i was reading once at the at-swim-two-birds-blog. 🙂 )

      Good luck with your proof !!

  3. coco Says:

    ok,I will try! Thank you.

    The sun in shining gorgeously now. I may do some planting today.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Doll, your little find is just so sweet. x

  5. Mandy Says:

    That crochet is so beautiful, as are your plants !!!

  6. Anna Says:

    Very nice. I really like that green/purple little plant. I don’t know the name but they’re just lovely. “November light” I think they are called in swedish. Anyway, nice to see what you found, have a lovely weekend!

    (I have had some avocado plants too, some of the seeds I just put down in soil right away and some of them I put in water. I think the time it took until it came up was quite the same.)

  7. mieke willems Says:

    heel erg mooi dat lapje, wat een vondst! en ook die puzzek, waw!

  8. mieke Says:

    i just found your blog, i really like to read it

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