Yesterday was such a beautiful day, sunny. I bought some flowers for a lovely friend. Made a walk, drunk some tea with N. (oh, look at her new shoes, aren’t they adorable ?), went to Brussels for a birthday-teaparty. Perfect on a sunny saturday.

Happy sunday !!

Can’t stop listening this.



19 Responses to “Coral.”

  1. kristina Says:

    Love your bag with flowers!

  2. celine Says:

    what pretty flowers! and sounds like a very nice day!

  3. Marion Says:

    one of my favorite flowers!
    and i like your little movie!

  4. Alicia Says:

    nice little movie!

  5. janis Says:

    I enjoyed walking with you, and your flowers are lovely and uplifting…

  6. Ingrid Says:

    Prachtige tas met bloemen..ranonkels?

  7. Julie Says:

    pioenroosjes niet, vind die altijd zo geweldig. krijg echt een lente gevoel van deze fotos! heerlijk, dank je wel.

  8. Mandy Says:

    So lovely, they are my all time favorite flower and I so enjoyed your lovely little walk !!!

  9. Mdmslle Says:

    Oh, how lovely these flowers look! I also love the stray bag you have, it is so nice!
    Have a nice week, hopefully as sunny as your weekend!

  10. Sencillez Says:

    what a beautiful series. i can’t get enough of all this “spring” that is in the air and blogs 🙂

  11. Jessica Says:

    I baked a cake last night and played that CocoRosie song on repeat. They’re such great performers.

    I love the flowers, and the third picture down: such beautiful clothes and a sweet little package.

  12. Marijke Says:

    Wat een mooie ranonkels! Heb je die in Antwerpen of Gent gevonden? 🙂

  13. Merja Says:

    I envy you for those dry sidewalks and the feeling of spring!

  14. alexandria Says:

    It looks like such a good day was had. Yay!

  15. anne Says:

    Ranonkels zijn mijn lievelings! Leuke post!

  16. p Says:

    white dots, flowers… nice movie 🙂

  17. éva-mona Says:

    These flowers are beautiful. They are my favorite… Thank you for the link to Coco Rosie, I didn’t know those videos and now I can’t stop listening to it too, their sensitivity is just beautifully moving me : )

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