While I’m working for the studio, I enjoy the sun on my face. I think that tulips are the perfect sign of spring. They have such an amazing colour, pink, peach and inside some bright yellow. Summer colours, don’t you think ?

And I will show you a little part of my knitting-research for the studio. I like these little samples a lot. What do you think ?

Happy, sunny, weekend !

Oh, and thanks again for all your sweet notes on my previous post. It makes me so happy to read your words.


12 Responses to “Sun.”

  1. hinke Says:

    ik vind het echt prachtig!

  2. inge Says:

    mooi broos breiwerk! de kleuren van de tulp zitten in de perfecte sfeer.

  3. alma Says:

    This knitting piece is really beautiful. So fine and delicate.

  4. oh my… delicate and lovely like silky woolen spiders’ webs! you do beautiful textile work. you have made me have a yearning to learn how! i wish i could weave and do knits like you ❤

  5. anne Says:

    nice textile test!

  6. héél mooi!
    mijn favoriet is die met crème en lichtblauw :^)

  7. Ingrid Says:

    Oh Hermine,wat is dat toch weer mooi!

  8. Sophie Says:

    schoon schoon schoon! straks ga jij mij nog breiles moeten geven 🙂

  9. coco Says:

    Beautiful work. I love the combination of that colour, beige and antique looking blue.

  10. giveto Says:

    lovely photos!! i like them!!
    bonne journée

  11. amy Says:

    such sweet knitting!

  12. Sencillez Says:

    I love love love Tulips. Picture No. 5 makes my heart jump 🙂

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