A little time free, to bake some cookies. Chocolate cookies, and cocosrocks. I think I want to try out every recipe from my new book, I even rate them after I taste the first cooking creation, and I write the scores on a little paper in the book. Strange ? Maybe.
I also love to look at the spring flowers that showing their little heads, love the fresh green in the house. My plants are waking up out of their wintersleep. It makes me so happy to see them grow, and change.

Happy weekend.


13 Responses to “Love.”

  1. inge Says:

    Die kokosrotsjes, goed dat het een foto is, ik zou er niet kunnen afblijven en steeds denken: eentje is geen eentje

  2. janis Says:

    I share your excitement – cookie baking and flowers coming into bloom. Have fun :^)

  3. jokemijn Says:

    oh, die receptjes zou ik ook wel willen proberen, ze zien er heerlijk uit. Maar ik moet van mezelf weer op dieet, dus nu maar beter niet. Ik zet trouwens ook punten bij receptjes in mijn kookboeken, of ik schrijf er bij wie er wel of niet van houdt.

  4. Lovely World Says:

    I noticed that some of my plants are beginning to show some new growth with the longer days. Happy weekend to you.

  5. whitney Says:

    i think it is a good idea to rate recipes, and maybe i will start! i find that sometimes i make the same recipe over again because it is familiar, and then remember that it wasn’t good the first time around.

  6. i just found your blog. i am really enjoying how everything is in your hands. lovely photos.

  7. kavka Says:

    Hi Hermine! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. But thanks to this I discovered your beautiful Journal De Jours!!! I love it, and think it will be my place for this weekend. Big hugs

  8. Koey Says:

    I want to bake and hope I manage to bake.
    I really want to plant someting but I don’t want to see dead plants anymore…

  9. sushimiam Says:

    hummmm, oh!, miam, ooooh!


  10. elise Says:

    als er nog koekjes over zijn ik wil graag proeven 🙂

  11. Miss Fever Says:

    Zo’n fijne blog hier! Ik zie allemaal dingen die ik leuk vind! Zoals kokosrotsjes, nomnom, moet ik dringend ook eens doen!

  12. brikebrok Says:

    beautiful photos in your blog

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