Our trip to Paris was way to short. One day we spend on a large textile expo, called ‘Première Vision’. On the expo you can find a lot of textile designers, new trends, … . Fashion designers come to that place to order their new fabrics. It’s interesting to see, but I can’t find inspiration up there. I prefer to search my inspiration in daily life, little things, … .

And the second day we went to an exhibition about etnical costumes selected by Christian Lacroix. That was really impressive and I’m always get jalous about their technical skills. Yesterday afternoon we also did some walking, and discovered lovely stores (I will show my favourite shop this weekend).

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3 Responses to “Paris.”

  1. Catarina Says:

    I’m going to Paris next month, I’ll keep this exhibitions in mind, thanks!

  2. inge Says:

    moet een prachtige tentoonstelling zijn

  3. mandy Says:

    I think you are right finding your inspiration in daily life, you have such a great eye for the beauty in daily rituals …. The Larcroix show sounds amazing.

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