A present for a friend.


I made a book for a friend, to thank her for being my model a year ago. I did the bookbinding by myself, and love to chose the paper, and the cover by myself. It isn’t perfect, I made a few mistakes. But I still like the result, and I guess Elise was happy with this little surprise.

I think I will do some more bookbinding, practice, and maybe make a little “collection” for myself. We’ll see.

Have a nice sunday !


15 Responses to “A present for a friend.”

  1. inge Says:

    schoon werk! vroeger maakte ik mijn schetsboeken ook altijd zelf, zalig om te doen

  2. Abraham Says:

    Boek ziet er prachtig uit! Complimenten, hoor!!

  3. mirabellef Says:

    Oh un petit carnet…
    Il est splendide !
    Do you know that i ♥ les petits carnets aussi ? 😉

  4. Het ziet er toch prachtig uit! en het zijn ook prachtige foto’s!
    Met mijn eerste boekbind-boekje ben ik toch een nachtje zoet geweest… trial and error!

  5. if jane Says:

    oh it looks great…so pretty

  6. elise Says:

    ik ben de gelukkige !

  7. Mandy Says:

    So lovely !!!

  8. Holly Says:

    how did you bind it, Hermine?

  9. mijn complimenten! je boek ziet er heel mooi uit, de fotos ook!

  10. it’s so nice… and i love your pictures…

  11. pierre Says:

    i m jalous again, i wish i can do that a print wedding pictures on…


  12. Lovely World Says:

    Hermine, this is just lovely. Was a thoughtful gift!

  13. coco Says:

    I am flipping your pages again. Your photos are always so calming and relaxing to me, so I look at them again and again and I just love your photos.
    I have been thinking about making my own photo book too but hasn’t done it yet. This idea is so nice.

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