It seems like my immune-system is broke. I’m sick, again, just can lay in my bed. Sleep, look at my plants, and read a few sentences. And even that makes me tired. But, 2 days ago I found this in my mailbox, and I really want to show you this. A lovely package from Adriana, it was on his way for 3 months. From the far away Mexico to Belgium. Thank you so much, your package make this sick-days more lighter.
Oh, and I discovered that one of my baby-plants is getting alive in the water, he’s getting little roots. Love to see how it is growing.

(winner-girls. Your packages are laying on my table, waiting to be posted. I’ll bring it to the post-office when I’m feeling better)


9 Responses to “Pescados.”

  1. Keia Says:

    What a happy package. Feel better soon!

  2. inge Says:

    even uitzieken, je wordt gauw weer beter!
    (er ligt ook een vermoeiende periode achter je)

  3. Catarina Says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. if jane Says:

    i hope you feel better soon!
    nice gift..

  5. Abraham. Says:

    Wat een verrassing zo’n postpakketje dat er zelfs aan de buitenkant al uitziet als een feest! Wat een Mex. kleuren!
    Van harte beterschap en pas goed op jezelf,hè?
    Veel fruit eten, etc;-)

  6. Alicia Says:

    take care of you. what a nice gift!

  7. Ingrid Says:

    oh wat fijn dat je een kadootje hebt gekregen..dat maakt het ziek zijn ietsje lichter.

  8. conny* Says:

    funny fact-
    right now i try the same thing with the same plant: and I also discovered that the baby-plants. its getting little roots, too. hope that is a good sign for spring 😉
    like your blog very much, thanks for visiting my one and advise me at the same time on yours*

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