“Let me surprise you”

I’m still having a little break, but I was thinking to do a give-away. Just because I love to give little presents, because of the new year, and to celebrate the little treasures of life.

It will be a little surprise-package, with little things I love. The “objects” are things that I collect, things that give me a happy feeling. I hope I can make someone happy with these little treasures. So if you are curious, and would love to have the surprise package, just leave your comment up here. And you can join until Saturday the 22th of January.

Untill Soon.

(This is a little little little bit of what will be inside the package. A crochet, to put under you plant. A form, to use for chocolate. A little part of my transparant-button-collection. A piece of my weavingsample. The rest is still a surprise for you and for me.)


47 Responses to “Give-away.”

  1. Trsh Says:

    What a sweet little giveaway!

  2. kristina Says:

    Oh, I love surprises 🙂 And this seems to be a nice one!
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  3. how amazing!
    ohhhh – the things you love are the things that are wonderful ❤

  4. Kleine Says:

    Oh ja, ik doe graag mee 🙂 Ik ben benieuwd!

  5. Natalie Says:

    such a lovely idea! 🙂

  6. sofia Says:

    Oh my Hermine, I love love giveaways and this one of yours looks like the best one around with the most delicate and poetic little things. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  7. Holly Says:

    oh yes please!

  8. marie Says:

    ooh exciting! getting mail is one of my favourite things:)

  9. Mandy Says:

    How lovely …. you always do the sweetest things !!!

  10. Angie Says:

    Oh I’d love a chance! 🙂 Looks so lovely.

  11. inge Says:

    Heb wel al een klein stukje ‘van dijcks’blauw’ in huis, maar kan dit aanbod niet weerstaan. Misschien moet er een tegenpresentje aan gekoppeld worden?

  12. Nina Says:

    Soooooo sweet! Wonderful idea.

  13. ritva Says:

    me too!
    lovely treasures!

  14. Julie Says:

    sounds wonderful… i love surprises 🙂

  15. patryce Says:

    I second sofia. “the most delicate and poetic little things.” I love to look at your blog first thing in the morning!

  16. Louise Says:

    Oh, wow! Yes pleases! Such pretty things. x

  17. karen Says:

    Leuk om plots een post te zien verschijnen tijdens de ‘break’! En wat een leuke dingetjes heb je uitgekozen voor de give-away. Ik doe graag mee!

  18. chiara Says:

    Lieve Hermine,
    Ik zou zo graag een pakketje van jou ontvangen omdat ik een trouwe dagboekderdagen-ster ben, die ook zoveel houdt van de kleine prullen van het leven.. Magie schuilt meestal in de kleine, nuttelooste prullen zoals een rode koffiemolen, of een knoop..

  19. madebykk Says:

    Heel leuke dingen, ik doe ook graag mee!

  20. i’m curious… and i love surprise… so… i’m crossing my fingers… Julie

  21. if jane Says:

    you are sweet…

  22. erika Says:

    you are so sweet!! You really have a big big heart full of little treasures.

  23. jenny Says:

    I’m curious too… thanks for your visit, your pictures are so beautiful

  24. Maureen Says:

    LOVE little collected items!
    So offcourse I will leave a message and in the meantime I keep my fingers crossed 😉


  25. ik doe mee! ben heel benieuwd, maar die chocolade vormpjes ken ik natuurlijk al 🙂
    (in oude handwerkboekjes, liefst van de jaren 70 staat het vol met pannenlappen, vooral Ariadne en Handwerken.)

  26. yu-i Says:

    you are so generous!! i hope you won’t take a long break. i love your blog! 🙂

  27. stephi Says:

    Ooh that sounds just lovely. Thank you 🙂

  28. elianne Says:

    een afscheidskado?
    Ja graag

  29. Merja Says:

    Thank you for peeking into my blog!

    I’d like to participate 🙂

  30. Ingrid Says:

    Oh, ik wil ook wel meedoen met dit verassingspakketje.
    Zulk prachtigs wil ik niet missen !

    Maar ik zou ook wel graag willen kijken op je eindexamen 😉

  31. Kathi Says:

    Since I love collecting a lot of different things myself, there is always space and time for the start of a new collection!
    Would love to see what`s in your package!

  32. melski Says:

    Wow! What a generous and gorgeous idea! I would love to receive such a package 🙂

  33. petra Says:

    Ik doe ook mee!
    Fijn te horen, dat jouw examen zo goed is gegaan!

  34. GV Says:

    Ik doe ook mee.
    Veel succes met je masterproject Hermine!

  35. alessandra Says:

    oh so delicate…I’m in!

  36. Mariana Says:

    I’m very curious and hope to win!!!
    Greetings from snowy Zurich!

  37. dominika Says:

    I would be amazing to win such a beautiful treasure, wish you all the best, Hermine 🙂

  38. karen Says:

    Curious I am, so play I will! 🙂

  39. Lovely World Says:

    Thank you for the chance at your lovely give away!

  40. Cassandra Cope Says:

    Such pretty things to brighten up these colds days.

  41. La versaillaise Says:

    oh yes please! i love surprises !

  42. JK Says:

    What lovely little things.

  43. jane Says:

    what a great giveaway! thank you!

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