A warm heart.


Today I recieved 3 letters, I’m soo happy with them. Dear Geneviève, Pierre and Inge, I can’t say it in words how happy you make me. I will read every word a hundred times. Thank you !

A lovely letter from Geneviève, I almost didn’t dare to open the envelope because it was so beautiful. I love her snowflakes, cards, and sweet words so much. Oh, and look at that lovely Islandic stamp.

Than a present from Pierre arrived. I’m so happy with Jamie’s-magazines, and have to laugh very hard with all the stamps on the envelope. So this evening I will go early to bed to read this magazines from the beginning to the end, and maybe I will make one of the recipes one of these days.

And a beautiful newyears-card from Inge. I really love her words, they are always like little pieces of music. And her pictures are like poetry.


3 Responses to “A warm heart.”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Just lovely …. lucky you !!!
    and the photos of your Grandmother is the previous post are so beautiful.

  2. inge Says:

    Van harte! En laat ons volgend jaar eens meegenieten van bereidingen met Jamie, mooi tijdschrift, blader altijd in de supermarkt.

  3. Grijze Dagen Says:

    wat fijn, post! en dan nog zo veel moois

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