Today I made some new weavingsamples. Tonight I will transform these to little wallets.

This week will be so busy, I don’t look forward to it. I have to rush from one place to the other, and have to do different things at the same time. Hope it will be fine, and hope that I can keep myself calm. It helps when I weave, crochet or listen to some nice music, then I feel less nervous. What do you do to keep yourself calm in stressy-periods ?


9 Responses to “Calm.”

  1. Séverine Says:

    Knitting or crocheting hypnotizes a lot so it helps me in stressy times, listening music too,
    Can’t wait to see the new wallets, i love your samples 🙂

  2. Keia Says:

    I drink tea and read children’s books while wrapped in a blanket. very soothing 🙂

  3. Marion Says:

    it’s beautiful!

    i think that reading keeps me calm..

  4. That blue is so pretty.

    The right music for the moment always helps me feel calm. One good example (a little summer in winter):

  5. erika Says:

    Those wallets will be so nice!
    I drink calming herbs tea or bach flowers, and breath!

  6. inge Says:

    alle regels overtreden en tijd nemen voor mezelf!

  7. andreia Says:

    I go for a walk in the beach, i run or i just write about my worries. Cooking helps too 🙂

  8. Alicia Says:

    walking, reading mistery novels, drinking calming herbs… Thank you for visit my blog! I love your pale blue weavingsample and your word to strangers project.

  9. margie oomen Says:

    i do the same with a little embroidery thrown in for good measure.
    I love your weaving samples.

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