New work.


A few new samples for my work “grow!”. This is just the first part of research, and it still have to grow a lot. The first little steps.


14 Responses to “New work.”

  1. inge Says:

    ach en ooooo!!! en waw en warm en groei en schoon en zacht en…

  2. Sophie Says:

    schoon! mooie kleuren!

  3. jokemijn Says:

    heel erg leuke staaltjes. die onderste vind ik heel bijzonder, zo sou ik wel een sjaal willen.

  4. Keia Says:

    The sample are so beautiful! I love the little specks of neon colors.

  5. Marion Says:

    wow this is really beautiful!

  6. Abraham Says:

    Er zitten prachtige bij!!!
    Heel benieuwd nar wat er uit zal groeien!
    Om het eens “popi” te zeggen: grow, girl, grow…

  7. pierre Says:

    nice work, looks good, even on web picture…
    i ll see them in real on day

  8. Ingrid Says:

    mooi,mooi,mooi!en neiuwsgierig ben ik hoe het gaat worden!

  9. sofia Says:

    these are so beautiful 🙂 Hermine I awarded you the I love your blog award at my blog here

  10. geneviève Says:

    oh i love them already!
    how wonderfully nice it would be to have a dress made from the 4th and 5th pieces…

    you do such good work – i am glad to see it!

  11. Mandy Says:

    How lovely and your last few posts are so great to … so glad you still doing note for strangers !!!

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