The weather yesterday was just great to do walks in the city. Snow, the cold on my skin. Lovely. This weather reminds me why I love the winter and the freezing cold so much. I love to wear a lot of layers, 3 cardigans, and 2 pairs of socks, 3 scarfs and a ‘bandeau’.
I took a break from walking in ‘la chascona’, that’s my favourite place to drink my coffee the last month. They are alway o friendly, and there is a lovely atmosphere up there. I ordered the best latte of the world, and a piece of chocolate pie, I tought I deserved it after a really stressy week. I’m also busy with making a blanket, very simple, white. Hope I will have enough wool. (I will show you the blanket this week)
All these little cones is something I found in the thirftstore yesterday. I think I will use these for making some embroideries.

Do you like the winter as much as I do ?


10 Responses to “°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°”

  1. Celestine Says:

    Love love love. Helaas te weinig tijd gehad om mijzelf te laten gaan, maar dit mag zich zeker herhalen in de kerstvakantie. Het waren heerlijke sneeuwbuien gisteren!

  2. if jane Says:

    i loved winter as a child…but as an adult i love summer more! ;))

  3. erika Says:

    I love winter, but here in México never snow, and the cold is not too hard, but even that I love to wear winter cloth and drink hot chocolate.

  4. janis Says:

    I do… I love the layers of clothing too, especially the tights and scarves :^) Happy (almost) winter…

  5. Claudia Says:

    I also like to wear a lot of layers. I like the second picture!

  6. ik houd zo veel van de winter, sjaals mutsen wanten sneeuwvlokken! oh!
    spijtig dat het allemaal aan het smelten is

  7. hearblack Says:

    neat collection!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I love winter! I’m very pleased because today I was able to go ice-skating for the first time this winter. We have a golf-course across the road from where I live, and sometimes it freezes over – so we can skate without being afraid of falling through the ice into deep water. My skates belonged to my grandma, and my mum used them as well, so they are very old! They are white leather, with enamelled hooks and wooden soles and I love them. Everywhere here is very cold but not much snow – just ice. I think it’s to thaw a little by the weekend though.

    I love the sight of all your coloured embroidery cones put together – nice and cheerful! I’m so glad that I found your blog.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, and you write about layers: I layer up in the cold weather also. merino wool tights, black jeans, stripy socks, and if it’s very cold or I’m out walking after dark I put a skirt on over my jeans (it’s a woollen plaid and very warm). I have lots of scarves and mix and match with my gloves. Oh, and arm warmers made out of long socks with the toes and heels cut off. I have a vintage fur coat that I’ve borrowed from a friend and it’s getting well-used in this wintery weather. Layering is one of the best things about winter – I feel all warm and cared for!

  10. No snow here, just rain. I think I’d prefer snow.

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