First snow.


This morning, when I looked outside all the house were covered with snow. Lovely. I had a nice day, weaving and looking outside to the snow. A little walk (with my self-made-ear-warmer), and a evening coffee with Alice. And did some crocheting on my way to school, it’s to dangerous to do some bikeriding today, so I had to take the metro. I’m making a new ear-warmer, with a smaller stitch. Hope it will be beautiful.

I tought the first snow was a perfect moment to work on my “words-for-strangers”-project today, I will show you the pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and I also made a necklace this weekend. I think it fits with this winter cold.

Enjoy the cold on your faces.

Oh, and I mis and old friend… . I hope she will come back one day …. .


11 Responses to “First snow.”

  1. kristina Says:

    I like your necklace!

  2. erika Says:

    hi Hermine! I just found your blog and I can´t stop read all you have post. Its so nice! Your self made ear warming is so lovely!
    Thanks for share all those beautiful things, the way you look the world.
    big hug, from México.
    (excuse my english)

  3. Amanda Says:

    Beautiful headband!! It gives me ideas to keep the cold away too! Your necklace is also really fun. Enjoy the snow!

  4. Lieke Says:

    🙂 Super mooi Hermine! Ik wilde al vragen of er in het verre zuiden ook sneeuw ligt! Dan neem ik mijn muts en wanten donderdag mee!

  5. Ruby Says:

    Wat een mooie oorwarmer! Ziet er heel warm uit 🙂

  6. Your lecklace is like sugar! and your self-made-ear-warmer is sweet, also. Like it a lot!

  7. Keia Says:

    I love the ear warmer! I am sure that the next one will be just as pretty 🙂
    It is so rainy and dark here right now. But still no snow.

  8. Marion Says:

    First snow here in paris too!
    Nice necklace, and perfect “ear warmer headband” with this weather!
    Looking forward to see the pictures of the “words for strangers” project!

  9. Warm ears are very important.

  10. […] you remember my necklace I made myself ? Well, this weekend I made more of them. And they are for sale. So if you like to buy […]

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