How they work.


A little while ago I found this beautiful book in the library, it’s about famous designers and how they work. I love to see how people work, their ateliers, their little stuff. I believe that it tell so much about who they are. I would love yo show you all of the pages of this beautiful book, it’s difficult to choose wich one I want to show.

I dream of my own atelier, later, soon. A large with room, with a lot of windows. With weavinglooms, embroiderymachines, plants, and a wall with inspirations. Objects, books, pictures, … . So maybe one day, my workspace will be published in a beautiful book like this. We keep on dreaming.


12 Responses to “How they work.”

  1. inge Says:

    Ik blijf dromen van zo’n eigen atelier. De foto’s in dit boek zijn heel aanstekelijk!

  2. Marijke Says:

    He hermine,

    weet je toevallig nog hoe dit boek heet?


  3. elise Says:

    prachtige foto’s !
    ik wil dan graag in jouw atelier werken ..
    uit welke bib kwam het ?

  4. Rebecca Says:

    What a lovely book! I want my own work-room too. It would have space for my sewing machine to be set up all the time, my stash of material would be neatly folded, all my little oddments would be stored away in labelled boxes and I could have a proper desk…

  5. Marion Says:

    Beautiful book!

  6. Karen Says:


    ik dacht eerst dat je The Selby bedoelde. Check zijn website eens. Hij fotografeerde huizen van beroemde mensen in mode en zo meer. Op de website kan je wat huizen bekijken. Maar zijn boek is vollediger.

  7. Natalie Says:

    this book looks beautiful and intriguing. may i ask what book it is?

  8. Natalie Says:

    this book looks beautiful and intriguing. may i ask what book it is?

    *whoops i realized i was logged into my other account with a blog you may not recognize

  9. Mandy Says:

    How lovely … and I hope you get your beautiful workspace one day, your dream one sound so good !!!

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