Morning cold.


This morning, when I opened my curtains I saw a beautiful landscape of frozen little leaves. I love the view of that. I put a skirt on, my jacket and went outside to take some pictures. This is really my favourite moment of the year, the freezing cold. Everyone in large jackets, with scarfs, mittens, … . Lovely.

It reminds me of old pictures from my grandmom.

Enjoy your sunday and the freezing cold !


12 Responses to “Morning cold.”

  1. geneviève Says:

    these are gorgeous these pictures. and the pictures of pictures – your grandmother and her friends. how beautiful these old memories are.

    this morning in reykjavik it is very cold also. and early it was very dark. now at 10h30 the sun is finally peeking. i will see if i can find any frozen leaves of my own. if i judge from the two down blankets i needed last night to keep me warm, there should be plenty of frost out there!

  2. Guusje Says:

    Mooi Hermine!!!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Aw thanks for you visit! Such beautiful photos! I wish I could enjoy the frost too, it’s gives everything such a magical feel. Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. christine Says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment on peppa and baba. Your blog is so chic and so beautiful, thank you!

  5. pomme Says:

    these old pictures from the mountain are so beautiful!!!

  6. Keia Says:

    Oh! those photos are beautiful! I hope you enjoy the winter crystals. By the way, did you get the recipe alright?

  7. renilde Says:

    leuke post Hermine, die portretten met die besneeuwde bergtoppen op de achtergrond zijn echt mooi!

  8. Keia Says:

    Sure! I will try again.

  9. andreia Says:

    Love your post! I’m living in Brazil and is getting really hot in hear…

  10. Very nice pictures of frozen plants…this Hortensie! wow!

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