Today I did a workshop about how to give old textiles a new life. Everyone had to bring a piece of textile that wasn’t beautiful anymore, or a piece with little mistakes in it. I brought a little babycardigan, there were a few stitches who were broke. I tought this was very beautiful. It’s sad that there wasn’t enough time to make a complete piece of it.

It was actually very difficult to listen to the material, and to doesn’t think about what it will be. It’s a new kind of working and I love it. You just have to see what the material is telling you, and trust on that. Just try to put your brain off, and just follow a feeling.


11 Responses to “Workshop.”

  1. elise Says:

    heey ziet er leuk uit !!!

  2. Ingrid Says:

    wow, ziet er hartstikke mooi uit! Goh, dat had ik niet gedacht dat je er dat uit kon halen.

  3. mar Says:

    It’s like a magic.

  4. Keia Says:

    Oh! I love it! so beautiful with all the colors on the creamy back drop.

  5. Kellie Says:

    You are one amazing lady. So beautiful with the colours woven through xx

  6. zit... Says:

    oh, so cute! love the colours and the way you worked it. the whole blog is amazing, so simple and inspiring 😀

  7. PRIMOEZA Says:

    i like your philosophy, and the finished piece is wonderful!

  8. maja Says:

    ooh, great idea & beautiful work. thanks for kind words too!

  9. ANNA Says:

    i like the way u handled with it!

    this kind of workshop sounds very good to me!

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