These days are full with lovely things. Every day I work on a crochet project, last week I made a scarf for my sister. And now I will start with a blanket. I will make one in soft colours, because all my sheets are white to. I like to sleep in a soft-coloured bed. I will show you some more pictures very soon !

I’m writing letters to nice far-away-strangers. Working for school. See friends. Drink a coffee. Writing an article for a magazine. Thinking about how to make my dreams come true. Writing little notes for strangers to hang on their bike. Thinking about making a trip to Paris in January. Dreaming about travelling far away, and live in a small weaving-village somewhere in the mountains. Try to translate my imagination into textile samples. Reading a lot of books. Visiting exhibitions.

… There is a lot going on.

Do you have so much going on to ?

Oh and I can’t stop listening to this and this.


4 Responses to “……………………”

  1. sofia Says:

    yes, I can say that I have a lot going on too, a lot of new things to absorb, a lot of new things to find and I’m also taking new paths along the way hoping that they are finally the ones that I’ve been waiting for all this time.
    It’s good to have a lot of things in ones life 🙂

  2. kristina Says:

    Oh, I have a lot of things to do at the moment. Most of the time I have to learn for my last university-tests (february, next year) but there are also some nice things to do (like writing letters to my nieces, making plans for the future and thinking about christmas presents). I really like to stay at home these days, read my books and drink a lot of coffee…

  3. ANNA Says:

    i like the things you re up to! my head is also always full with projects….i like it like that!
    wish u a nice day!

  4. Your blog is very nice… it’s a pleasure to discover you… see you soon… Julie…

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