A piece of my heart.


3 years ago I saw a weavingloom for the first time, and I knew it, “this is what I want to do !”. I start study textile design, because I wanted to learn the weaving. I believe it was the right choice, because now I can’t imagine a life without my weavingloom. It’s something I live for. Something I do almost every day, for hours and hours.

Today I will show you a little part of the samples I made last weekend.

Weaving is big part of my heart.

(3 things I want to say. First thing, today no ‘friday bikeday’, but next week you will see some of my bike-riding-pictures again.
Second, I discovered that my ‘words-for-strangers-project’ is one of Mandy’s friday favourites. I’m so surprised and happy. Thank you !
And I want to thank you all for your sweet comments. I’m still surprised, every day, that so many of you take the time to react on what I’m posting. It’s just so heartwarming, thanks thanks thanks.)


17 Responses to “A piece of my heart.”

  1. Lieke Says:

    Heeeel erg mooi Hermine!:) Je ‘etui’ heb ik al een lange tijd in gebruik! Elke keer denk ik weer aan je als ik hem zie of vast pak!

  2. Ingrid Says:

    Prachtig Hermine! Heel mooi gedaan.

  3. andreia Says:

    You post beautiful and generous ideas. It’s so great to read you. Thank you!

  4. maria Says:

    such beautiful projects…i love your work..and those little bike notes …what a wonderful idea

  5. Keia Says:

    Your samples are great. I used to weave as well and really enjoyed making huck lace. It makes me happy to see others weaving 🙂

  6. Hila Says:

    it’s so great to read about someone doing what they love 🙂

  7. mar Says:

    Such a beautiful sample!
    I am sure it takes so much time for making.
    I really love your blog, Hermine!

  8. elianne Says:

    je maakt echt hele mooie dingen, ze hebben iets ouds, iets van vroeger in zich

  9. if jane Says:

    wow really great! ;))

  10. Mandy Says:

    These are so beautiful, I think you chose the right path …. and it was my pleasure to put you in my Friday Favorites !!!

  11. alessandra Says:

    Great weaving sample Hermine!
    Good luck with your dreams

  12. PRIMOEZA Says:

    your work looks beautiful. i like the colours you’re working with here.

  13. melski Says:

    i like your sleeve, great fabric! is it a shirt?

  14. i love it
    i love it
    i love it

  15. Amanda Says:

    Such beautiful textiles. I have been interested in trying weaving for a couple of years now and even bought a portable loom… but haven’t had the time to try it out yet. Perhaps over the Christmas holidays when it will be nice and quiet!

    I look forward to seeing more of your weaving projects. Seems like such a dreamy existence!

  16. Maria Says:

    Those are really beautiful
    My old high school just got a weavingloom for the art classroom, I’m so jealous they didn’t have it when I was there.
    I’m really glad you commented on my blog since I seem to be the last to discover your creations. I’m looking forward to seeing others!

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