Today was a foggy day, I think its very beautiful. Oh, and look up here for lovely fog-pictures !

Shall I tell you something nice ? Well. If you are lonely, of just need a chat with a stranger, go to a café. Alone, but take some wool and a crochet needle with you. I promise you that within 10 minutes someone is talking to you.

That’s what I’m doing these days, after a atelier-working-day I go with my crochet project to a café, order me a coffee, and start. And I talk to nice peoples who are interested in what I’m making. There is even a man and he is calling me “the-crochet-girl”, I think that’s funny because I’m just crocheting for about a month.

Saturday a 65 years old man, named André, told me his love-stories. And he even payed me a coffee. I really loved that, and I love to listen to peoples stories. Now I’m giving my crochet-projects the name of the peoples I talk with while making that piece.

So, don’t be scared of going alone to a café. It’s the most wonderfull thing on earth. It’s one of my favourite free-time-spendings.

And this is for the people who think they are alone on this earth.


9 Responses to “Fog.”

  1. Abraham Says:

    Mooie foto’s! Het was een prachtige dag vandaag: mist-zon-mist.
    Ik ben alleenstaand en vind dat heerlijk, ben graag alleen.
    In een café lees ik maar soms is het wat drukker, komen er mensen vlakbij zitten en dan begin ik wel eens een praatje.
    Dat is dan meestal in het Vosken op het Sint Baafsplein waar ik soms eet als ik in Gent ben. Het “haakmeisje” heb ik daar nog niet gezien;-))

  2. if jane Says:

    we had some fog this morning…it was lovely…

  3. Hi Hermine
    it is a very nice idea!
    i wish i could make crochet…!!!
    my aunt-Ángeles knows to do it and she used to teach me but i did not learn in that time… now i think it is a shame…
    (oh, Hermine, i thought that you had that nice photography book, now i am so busy with work from University but i will send you a nice present in December).


  4. little-a Says:

    ik heb gisteren inderdaad ook prachtige beelden gezien.
    in het vervolg wat meer mijn fototoestel op zak hebben 🙂
    mooi mooi!!!


  5. Keia Says:

    What a wonderful post… very comforting and inspiring. Cafe’s really are the place to meet interesting people. One time I ordered a blueberry cobbler and sat next to an artist that painted the inside of a local restaurant.

  6. andreia Says:

    Oh, such a beautiful thought you have had. I also love talking to strangers.

  7. Dear Hermine,
    well, going alone to a café is a beautiful thing.
    I like the foggy pics very much!

  8. Natalie Says:

    what a sweet post! you should write down so of the stories. I love the fog pictures too!

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