Bag with books.


Do you remember this fabric I bought a little while ago in the thriftstore ? Well, I made a bag of it, and I love him.

Today I took the bag with me to the library, and put all my heavy books in it. I love to take a full bag back home, sometimes (like today) it’s almost to heavy to hold. I love the feeling of coming home and couldn’t chose which cd you want to play first. The feeling of looking at a pile of beautiful books, and just couldn’t decide which book to read first?

Do you like to go to the library ?


10 Responses to “Bag with books.”

  1. gini Says:


  2. Lovely World Says:

    I have caught up with some lovely goodness here. I just adore your posts. Walking, libraries, words, textile arts. All of my favorite things!

  3. maravdc Says:

    I love to go to the library! Inspiration inspiration!
    So much that I have currently books lying around in my room from three different libraries and well, I don’t quite know any more which one is from where 🙂

  4. mar Says:

    Me too!
    Going to the library is one of my customs.
    I usually borrow ten books.
    I know it’s too much, but I can’t stop it…

    And I LOVE your new bag!

  5. You used your fabric already–fun! I adore libraries, big, small, I’ve enjoyed spending time in so many.

  6. Guusje Says:

    Absoluut. We hebben ook een hele mooie in Delft. Voor een nieuwe dan wel….
    Ik hou ook erg van de kinderafdeling. Heerlijk als de kleintjes hun dingen gaan zoeken.

    Ik vind je tas ook erg mooi.
    Maar ach, je hele blog is zo mooi, dus ik ben niet verwonderd.

    Een hele fijne dag!

  7. Keia Says:

    I went to library yesterday too! It was a nice walk, and I got to return some items as well as pick up some new music and a book on how to knit socks. When I was in college I went to the library pretty much every day because I lived right next to it.

    The fabric you got is so great and the bag is a wonderful shape too.

    by the way, I love your blog.

  8. pierre Says:

    why boys don’t wear bags ??? 🙂

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