Words for strangers. (2)



Two days ago I give my words to strangers for the first time , in Antwerp, by hanging little notes on their bikes. It was so exciting, and I became so happy of doing that. Just by giving little words to someone unknown. Words that sometimes just mean nothing, words that can be a part of a long long story. But I hope people make their own story with this little sentences.
There was just one ‘sad’ thing, it started to rain, and I think the notes haven’t survive all that water. Soon, when it stop raining I continue my words-spread.


23 Responses to “Words for strangers. (2)”

  1. mar Says:

    What a exciting thing!
    I really like it.
    I want to use this for cheering up someone…

  2. inge Says:

    Heb je gewacht tot iemand zo’n mooie woorden aan zijn/haar fiets vond?
    Leuk idee.

    • Nee, dat durfde ik niet zo goed. Maar moet ik toch zeker eens doen, ben heel nieuwsgierig naar hoe mensen reageren. Ik hoop dat de vinders me ooit eens zouden contacteren, dat zou ik leuk vinden.

  3. Dominika Says:

    What a lovely thought Hermine,keep on surprising people

  4. if jane Says:

    is this a performance project??? (and if yes…i hope you are documenting it! ;))

  5. Marion Says:

    wow i love this idea!!

  6. Delphine Says:

    what a great idea!! i wish there were more bikes here in brussels 😦

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  8. ToraFlora Says:

    wow, i really like this! πŸ™‚

  9. melski Says:

    what a great ideas! i really like it πŸ™‚

  10. Mandy Says:

    You never fail to delight me … whether it’s your bike rides, walks or great work, but this one really has to top them all, so simple,but so wonderful….. you really do spread so much joy !!!

  11. Thank you so much for all of your nice sweet comments. They make me feel very happy. Maybe one day, there is hanging a note on your bike.

    Love, Hermine

  12. Koey Says:

    This’s really interesting. I wanna try it!

  13. Keia Says:

    what a beautiful idea. I know I would love to find a pretty little sentence left on my bike πŸ™‚ By the way, lovely photos.

  14. sofia Says:

    this is so great and beautiful idea I wonder the smile on peoples faces once they read them πŸ™‚

  15. pierre Says:

    is that the sweetest thing on hearth ?

  16. jokemijn Says:

    leuk. Mijn fiets staat wel niet zo vaak buiten in Antwerpen, behalve dan af en toe bij de bakker πŸ™‚

  17. mieke willems Says:

    dat was mijn fiets, die roze! de briefjes waren idd nat geregend, maar we hebben de boodschap toch nog kunnen lezen hoor! bedankt!

  18. mimi Says:

    Pretty thing, lovely words…

  19. […] love this “Words for Strangers”Β idea from Hermine’s blog Journal de Jours. She hangs little notes on bikes to ignite people imaginations. I may have to borrow this idea, […]

  20. Ingrid Says:

    Wat een ontzettend leuk idee! Oh, ik zou wel wat woorden van je aan mijn fiets willen hebben hangen.

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