Pink hill.


I have a new housemate, his name is Tradescantia Pink Hill.

Already a few weeks I’m passing by the flowershop and I only could look at this plant. Today I finally went to the flowershop to take this one home with me. Hope he will have a long and healthy life here in my little room.


11 Responses to “Pink hill.”

  1. Lovely. I would have wanted to carry this plant home with me too.

  2. Kleine Says:

    Oh da’s wel een mooie. Van welke winkel?

  3. elise Says:

    die is echt mooi !
    als je nog eens baby’s hebt altijd welkom in het verzorgingshuis chez elisé

  4. alexandria Says:

    What a pretty plant! I can see why you took it home.

  5. maria Says:

    many green leaves, beautiful one:)

  6. sofia Says:

    do you how we call this plant in portugal ? The fortune plant, my mother used to put a coin in the soil and make a wish. I can’t find this plants here in France.

    • Really ? Oooh, so nice that you told me. Tonight I will put a coin in the soil and make a wish.

      So sad that you can’t find one. It was actually the first time I saw this one here, so I think he’s hard to find. But I wish you good luck with finding some.

  7. inge Says:

    mooi, heb zelf absoluut geen groene vingers

  8. Delphine Says:

    first thing i notice is your jacket, it looks very comfy!!

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