Today I found a beautiful fabric in the secondhandstore. I don’t know what I want to make with it, do you have a proposal ?
I love this song sooo much, can’t stop listening to it.

Happy weekend everybody !


7 Responses to “Leaves.”

  1. andreia Says:

    I think it would result in a beautiful skirt. However, if you don’t have enough fabric you may make a mini purse…

  2. if jane Says:

    oh it is pretty as a shirt or a skirt…

  3. asako Says:

    It’s so nice if you make a skirt or a bag.
    I think so…

  4. It is a lovely fabric. So many options… A pillow. An apron. A clutch. A tote. A headband. Napkins. Placemats. Tablecloth. Lampshade.

  5. inge Says:

    Ik zou voor een jurk gaan, mooi aansluitend bovenaan en wijd met plooien onderaan. Mooie riem van dezelfde stof erop.
    Zeer mooie stof!

  6. Thank you all for your nice ideas ! Sadsad, but haven’t enough fabric to make a dress of it. So I will make a bag and a pillow with it ! I will show you the results as soon as possible.

    Love Hermine

  7. isabelle Says:

    how sweet ! thank you for your words !

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