Yesterday I didn’t bought one book, but two ! This is the other one, it’s from ‘Marie Claire’, you know, that magazine. I really like the beautiful picture in it and my cat likes it to.

Oh, and I also want to show you this. Pierre took some pictures of the letter and little treasures I send to him.


8 Responses to “Marie.”

  1. inge Says:

    watertanden…. mmmmmmmm
    mooie titel ook, voed je dromen, mooi

  2. asako Says:

    How cute she is!

  3. Mandy Says:

    Love that last pic so much !!!!

  4. if jane Says:

    nice pictures…love your cat! 😉

  5. Jacilyn Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    Great books finds and also really like your eye for photography.

  6. melski Says:

    yum! i want to eat out of those teacups! what is it??

    • It’s called ‘little-rasberrie-pots’.
      Here is the recipe.

      What do you need ?
      300gr raspberries
      3 spoons of crystal sugar
      1/2 tea spoons rosewater
      3dl cream
      the egg yolks of 4 large eggs

      How to do it ?
      Put your oven on 140°c. Mash the rasberries, sugar, rosewater, and yolks of an egg in the blender. Ruch the mash true a fine screen. Then put the cream in it.

      Do this in little cups an put it “au-bain-marie” in the oven for about 1 hour. Then let them rest in the fridge for about a few hours.

      Before serving it put some flowersugar and a rasberrie on it. Et bonne apetit !

  7. Natalie Says:

    wow! I love the raspberries in the tea cups!

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