This evening I saw the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing performance EVER ! Cocorosie in Antwerp. I can’t discribe how good it was, it was just a hurricane of emotions, voices, sounds, … . The girls of cocorosie are so inventive and inspiring. It feels like they have give me a new boost of emotions inside of me, oooh. It was so damn good ! You step in their world, and that’s beautiful. The energy, voices, personalities, the looks …. . Better then the best coffee and the best opera together !

Please, promise me that, whenever they come to your city, you will buy a ticket. You won’t regret !

I made a few movies, they aren’t good, because I didn’t look at my screen, and moved to much. It is just a little ‘souvenir’, and a small impression of this beautiful beautiful beautiful evening.


3 Responses to “Cocorosie.”

  1. andreia Says:

    Oh, I just love her! Thank you

  2. […] I have to put them into the soil very soon. And tonight we go to a concert of Cocorosie, I saw them a few months ago and it was the best concert I ever went to. I hope it will be as good as last […]

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