Little heart.


Today I went to th gardencenter with my mom. I love to search for the perfect plant. Today I found two plants I loved from the first time I saw them. Happy me. There also was a beautiful aloë vera, but I didn’t took him home with me. That’s one I will take next time.

Another thing, If I look into my wardrobe I see only black and dark blue. I want to change that, I want colour. Colour in my wardrobe, colour in my work, and colour in my life. That’s a good intention I think.


9 Responses to “Little heart.”

  1. Marie Says:

    Love this pictures ! Have a nice evening !

  2. Marion Says:

    i love the colors of the cactus!

  3. elise Says:

    zo leuk !

  4. Abraham Says:

    Kleur in je leven: daar ontbreekt het niet aan als ik je blog regelmatig lees en bekijk!! En, vergis ik mij of draag je hier een rood jasje??
    1e Filmpje van de vorige post: heel leuk, origineel!!

  5. pierre Says:

    it’s spring all year long here !

  6. jokemijn Says:

    toch een mooie felrode jas 🙂 ik ben altijd te vinden voor een tikje kleur.

  7. gini helie Says:

    xxxxxxx lovely plants!!!

  8. melski Says:

    your wardrobe sounds a lot like mine. I’ve got lots of black but I’m steadily adding colour, red mostly but an orange coat last winter. Lovely plants 🙂

  9. lovely post! ❤
    camilla from italy

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