The girl and her cat.


I love cats, I have 3 of them. I also love pictures of other peoples with their cats. Last week I found a beautiful book, and there where a lot of pictures of girls with their cats in it. The book called “Shades of time” by Annelies Strba, I think its about her daughters.
Oh, and before I forget. I want to show you two videos I like. This is the first one, and it is a commercial I saw on tv, and I love love love it. And this one I saw a few days ago with some friends, and I think it’s amazing !

I think I’m into books .. : – )


5 Responses to “The girl and her cat.”

  1. geneviève Says:

    ahhhh such a nice find! i found an old danish sailing magazine today with beautiful drawings and some icelandic collections of stories with lovely covers.

    i see it was a good day for books all around 🙂

  2. if jane Says:

    i’m into books oo! and i love this one! (my cat steevy says hello! ;))

  3. jokemijn Says:

    ooh het eerste filmpje vind ik echt super gemaakt! Ik had het nog niet gezien, heb geen tv, maar echt leuke reclame, daar hou ik wel van.

  4. I assume I share the same passion… I love also taking some pictures of them! They are really willing to be characters of my pictures 🙂

    Your blog is really sweet.

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