Weaving on order.


I think it will take me still a long time before the shop can open. It just need the time to grow. But I want to do a little project, till the moment the shop can open. What’s the plan ?

I will make wallets on order. So, do you want a special bag for yourself ? Or have a friend who you want to surprise with a special personal present ? Then I can help you.
I can make “wallets”/bags in different sizes. The maximum width is 40 cm (but this can be a little smaller, because handwork is sometimes unpredictable.), and the lenght is variable to your own wishes. You can tell me wich colours you like, and I’ll try to make something beautful of it. You also can choose if you want a “wallet” completely woven in a pattern, or just a band, or a mix of different patterns.
The price depends on the weavinghours, the materials and the size of the little bags. But feel free to ask, there is no price for just asking.

I really hope I can surprise someone with my woven little bags.






7 Responses to “Weaving on order.”

  1. if jane Says:

    good luck!! ;))

  2. Abraham. Says:

    Heel veel succes!! Jammer dat ik geen dochters heb om iets aan cadeau te doen.

  3. karen Says:

    maak je ook van die mooie gewoven broches op bestelling?

  4. kindra Says:

    these are great!

  5. tati Says:

    absolutely wonderful blog!

  6. Alice Says:

    Die groene is van mij en hij is geweldig, mooi en handig ! Bestellen die handel van Hermine Van Dijck !! Het is de moeite.

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