Pictures of the exhibition I saw yesterday. It was really impressive. More info about the exhibition up here. The little movie is my favourite artwork, it’s the same as picture 3. Check 1 minute 30 seconds, I like that part.

:::: 2 x Craigie Horsfield (tapestries). :::: Denmark :::: Christian Boltanski :::: More pictures up here ::::

5 Responses to “M HKA”

  1. if jane Says:

    oh wow….must have been great to see in person!!! (ps hanks you for nice comment on pierre’ blog…;) xx

  2. maravdc Says:

    Ik zag vorige week nog een reportage over die wandtapijten op cobratv. Hoe mooi zeg!

  3. renilde Says:

    ben ook als de bliksem gaan kijken van zodra ze geopend was, héél indrukwekkend; mooie fotos hermine!

  4. alessandra Says:

    Boltansky is one of my fav artists, I saw few beautiful exihibitions in South France and Paris, I miss this kind of enriching experiences!!!
    Fantastic pics and thanks for sharing!

  5. elisvermeulen Says:

    thanks for posting.

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