A new ‘project’ with crocheting. That’s something I really don’t understaind, in our first year we learned how to do it, but I remember the teacher told me “Hermine, you don’t have hands for doing the crocheting. Look how you hold the needle… . Not good.”. When I start to crochet, I always end with a triangel.

But I want to try, I love the beautiful rosettes. I want to use this great inspiration to do something, don’t know what. But what I do know is that I don’t want to make a perfect rosette, or something I just copy out some kind of handwork-magazine. Want to do something else, but don’t know what. I only have a title “Rosetta”. We’ll see what happens with it. Now I just have to practice practice practice .

Part 1 and 2

Part 3


6 Responses to “Rosetta.”

  1. alessandra Says:

    that’s the spirit…
    happy crocheting and never ever believe what teacher tell you!

  2. Abraham Says:

    M’n oma en oud-tantes haakten antimakassars en kleedjes, rond, stervormig,enz. die op een tafeltje onder een vaas of zo werden gelegd. Soms ook babykleertjes, geloof ik. Héél lang geleden!
    En op de lagere school kregen de meisjes “nuttige handwerken” (en wij moesten sommen maken:-( waaronder ook haken viel.
    Nr 3 ziet er al goed uit, oefenen maar, Hermine.

  3. inge Says:

    Soms luister je beter niet naar leerkrachten. En ’t is gelukt!

  4. Marion Says:

    this winter, i want to learn crochet!!

  5. gini helie Says:

    this is a great great start! you should see the first things i did! pathetic but funny!!
    i keep them as memory now
    i need to find a grandma that can teach me more

  6. […] send the first piece of the ‘rosetta’-project to Inge, because that was the first time I used the wire I got from her. So I tought it would be […]

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