Green city.


Do you remember I went to Amsterdam a little while ago? Well I was looking to the pictures again, and I saw that there was a lot of green in that city. That’s something I really really really like ! Oh, and look at the last pictures. It’s a boat with a garden, how cool is that ?! I would like to live on a boat for a little while, not forever, but just to feel how it is. And you ? What do you think about boatliving ?





5 Responses to “Green city.”

  1. dominika Says:

    Last year when I’ve been in Paris, I saw a lovely couple preparing a supper for eachother on a boat. That looked amazing, I remember I was a bit jelaous…

  2. maravdc Says:

    O, mooie foto’s.

    Ik heb net op mijn eerste dagje gehoord dat we vrijdag al naar Amsterdam gaan. Hoera!

  3. Marion Says:

    i’ve been to amsterdam last winter
    under the snow, and the cold weather, this city is so lovely..!

  4. elisebroekaert Says:

    zo wil ik later ook echt wonen !!

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