A autumn-clean-day, I had a big pile of 1000… magazines. They just were standing there, so today I decided to throw them away. A bit sad, but I need more space. So I took pictures of the beautiful things inside, and made a little map with the most beautiful articles and pictures I want to keep.







7 Responses to “Away.”

  1. sunny Says:

    aww…it IS sad. I have the same amount of magazines and cannot yet bear to part with them. Impressive that you were able to throw them away!

    • Hermine Van Dijck Says:

      I know, at the moment I’m thinking of pick them out of the bin. But, soon there will be a new big pile đŸ™‚

  2. chiara vriendin van alice Says:

    a clean room makes a clean head!
    succes met je thema

  3. inge Says:

    Als ik door mijn verzameling heen blader zijn er altijd andere elementen die me boeien, de kleur, of vormen, of combinaties… Heb hier ook mappen met knipsels en een stapel met tijdschriften die ik niet weg kan doen.
    En als ik die dan doorkijk, vallen me dingen alsof ik ze nooit eerder zag. Dan volgt spijt over wat ik bij het oud papier stopte.

  4. Mandy Says:

    Oh Firstly Happy Belated birthday …. the posts I missed are so lovely, very exciting news about your brooches …. I can totally relate to your reluctance to throw out your magazines, I just threw out so many, but you do feel “lighter” when you do, I love that last picture in this post.

  5. jasmin Says:

    so hard to throw away any bits of paper.
    i am sorting through EVERYTHING at the moment.
    mags, drawings, prints, stamps……

  6. jasmin Says:

    oh… yes… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely blog girl!

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