Prenez soin de vous.


Still in love with the work of Sophie calle. A little while ago I saw the exhibition ‘Prenez soin de vous’ (or ‘Take care of yourself’) in Tilburg. And it was so beautiful and inspiring, now I found the book in the library. The book is a collection of all the pictures, text, and videos that are made in case of the project. This is my favourite video, it’s Feist. Do you know her ? She’s a great singer. (Sorry for the bad quality of the video)

(Here and here you can have a look at some older posts about the exhibition.)








2 Responses to “Prenez soin de vous.”

  1. dominika Says:

    i love sophie calle, i have a great beautifully edited book of her “Double Game”

    bunch of hugs!

  2. Mandy Says:

    Love this, last pic is my favorite !!!

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