Work in progress.


As you know already I spent a lot of time in the library searching ideas for my masterproof. But I was a bit stucked in all my finds, there is to much to choose, and I’m doubting all the time. But yesterday there was a sweet mail of Inge, and she told me about making a moodboard. A good plan !

So that’s what I’m doing today, printing all my finds and put them on my wall, in little groups. I’m searching words, materials, colours that fits with these images. And that’s the way I’m trying to get everything clear in my head, it works. It still have to grow, but even the growing-part of the moodboard is inspiring.



More comming soon.


3 Responses to “Work in progress.”

  1. inge Says:

    Hermine, het gaat lukken! Ik heb in het kask zo’n mooi geheel gezien, dat ik nu al nieuwsgierig uitkijk waar dit toe zal leiden…
    Ik zie al heel verrassende groeperingen.

  2. alexandria Says:

    This is very exciting and I look forward to seeing your mood board grow!

  3. elianne Says:

    qua kleur heb je duidelijk al een keuze gemaakt.
    ben benieuwd

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