Yesterday I was reading in my new library books while I was sitting on one of my most favourite places in Antwerp, called ‘Conscience plein’. Really like this little square, and love the tree. I was looking at a lovely book about mexican textiles, and suddenly I hear something nice. This two musicians who were playing Mexican music. Occasional or not ?



3 Responses to “Mexican.”

  1. jokemijn Says:

    oh leuk! ze zijn er weer! Soms is er ook een meisje bij en die kan echt ongelooflijk zingen. Ze vult het hele consciencepleintje.

  2. Adriana Says:

    Hi Hermine, i do like your books’s curatorship.
    it is a shame but in Mexico City those books are difficult to find.
    the textils are texts, they are textil-texts, (because you can read them, they are full of symbols!)

    • Hermine Van Dijck Says:

      Really ? Do you live in Mexico ? One day I visit mexico, because I really love the textile, I didn’t new the textile is like a text. really interesting!

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