Found a butterfly in my room, tought he was dead, so put him in a small box because I like his wings so much. But suddenly I saw he was still moving, tought I was dreaming, but I looked better, and it wasn’t some daydreaming. He was alive ! I opened the box and he flew on my hand, then I open the window and let this beautiful thing go. Fly to the sky little friend.



5 Responses to “Fly.”

  1. Lovely World Says:

    I love this story! Sometimes things are not as they first appear.

  2. dominika Says:

    lovely story, I was so thrilled but then just happy when you wrote that the butterfly was alive πŸ™‚

  3. inge Says:

    En wetende dat wij als kind citroentjes vingen in een glazen bokaal en die meenamen naar school. We werden ervoor beloond. Als ik daaraan terugdenk komt het schaamrood me op de wangen…

  4. pierre Says:

    FREEDOM FOR ALL…the butterfly πŸ™‚

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