Todays story.


I will show you how this day looked like.

I slept very bad, there is so much in my head. Want to weave a lot, but there is so little time, have to think about a new concept (urgent !), have to go on a meeting with a nice textile designer for an internship (it’s in english, aah !), friends who scares me of, … a lot on my mind. But the day is always relaxing, but the evening is full of toughts, especially in bed. Hope this night would be better.

So enough stressy-talk, time for more pleasant things. I will tell you what I did today.
At the morning I get up to go to work, I always take my bike to go there. I even love to get up early to ride my bike a bit longer, I become calm of riding my bike in the city. (I also did some kind of experiment with my hair, because I think I have to try some more with it. Soon I will experiment with braids, because I like them so much !). I arrived at work, drink some coffee out of our beautiful cups (they are green, with some gold details. That’s funny, because all the places I like have that kind of cups. ‘De muze’ in Antwerp, ‘Mokabon’ in Ghent and at my job. Maybe it’s like destiny.).
After it we start to ‘work’, I did the most wonderfull job ever ! The new plants arrived and I took care of them, searched them new pots, give them a new place, wrote their names on little papers and stick them with little wooden sticks in their pots, … . I really enjoyed doing that, it makes me calm and piecefull. A friend visited me today in the shop, I was really happy to see her again after such a long time. Happy happy. I also find some fake-flower on the ground in the shop, I think it’s beautiful, so I put it on my broche, and it fits really wel I think !
After work I went back home with the train, and when I arrived here I found a really nice lettre (with a little surprise in it !!!!) in my mailbox, I will show you tomorrow, because it’s to dark to take pictures.

See you tomorrow !



6 Responses to “Todays story.”

  1. marie Says:

    i always have too many thoughts when i’m trying to get to sleep as well:)
    good luck starting your internship!

  2. jokemijn Says:

    mooie foto’s! klinkt wel als fijn werk.

  3. lieke Says:

    ooooo 🙂 ik vond het ook heel leuk om je te zien!
    vooral om je aan het werk te zien in een van de leukste winkeltjes in Gent 🙂

  4. Kleine Says:

    dille & kamille ❤

  5. if jane Says:

    good luck!
    and love your style!

  6. Abraham Says:

    Heel mooi de combinatie van sjaal en trui/vest(?)!! Prachtig ook die “zilveren spikkeltjes” in de wol! Dat maakt het zo levendig.

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