Verzwijgt !


Other little things my eyes found today.
(Another nice story ! A little while I received a sweet mail of Myriam, someone I know from before. She said she want to give me a weavingloom if I wanted to, she had one but don’t use it and she was searching a new home for the loom. Ofcourse I want to adopt the loom, and make ‘beautiful’ things with it ! Today I was in a shop and suddenly I hear “Hello Hermine” next to me, it was her, she’s such a nice lady. Myriam, thank you thank you thank you, for that lovely gift. So happy with it !)


4 Responses to “Verzwijgt !”

  1. elianne Says:

    mooie plaatjes!

  2. if jane Says:

    great photos
    & great story…;))

  3. sophie Says:

    die 3de foto is leuk!

  4. Ingrid Says:

    Goh, wat lief van haar! Maar jij waardeert het ook echt dus het goed zeer goed terecht!

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