The little giant.


Today was one of the most beautiful days of my life ! The little giant and the plunger searched for eachother in the center of Antwerp, it’s a project of ‘Royal Deluxe’. I saw them 4 years ago, and it was like magic. This time was even better ! There were thousand and thousand peoples, it makes me feel so wonderfull to see all this people believe in one big play. Like they open their fantasy, lovely to see the smile on their face. We all feel like one big group who believe in the little giant and the plunger. That makes me almost cry (of happiness ofcourse) !



One Response to “The little giant.”

  1. jokemijn Says:

    mooi! ik kijk er naar uit, morgen ga ik hen zien. heb al heel wat filmpjes gezien maar je foto’s zijn echt supermooi en veelbelovend.

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