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What I do is not only design textiles, it’s also about telling a nice story. We have to make one big right story,this year my story was about personality. I just looked at my own life and went thinking about what personality means to me. The first impression that opens himselve to a deeper image of someone, that’s such a beautiful proces.
Love to put this things in textile designs, or little books. Today I want to show you the books. In this post you can have a look at my first book, this one is about me (as photographer) following a girl on the streets, like a fly, without she was knowing it. The reader of the book meets the girl, discover her more and more.

(dubble click on the pictures if you want to see it bigger)


4 Responses to “Discover (1).”

  1. jokemijn Says:

    supermooie foto’s! die laatste met die witte stoel en de foto met de fiets… heel erg mooi.

  2. Ingrid Says:

    Prachtige foto’s !! Wat een mooi boek en ik kreeg een beetje kippevel toen ik het laatste stukje las.
    Heel erg mooi!

  3. inge Says:

    Dit maakt mijn dag (en uiteindelijk ook de film!!)
    fijn, suggestief, fragmentarisch, schoon, een ontdekking

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