Scarf (2).


The weaving of scarf two is finished today. Just have to do little finishing-touches and then he’s ready to be worn. So happy with him. Love the contrast between the colours, motif and clean, thick and thin. I like that he’s always different, from every side you look at him.


11 Responses to “Scarf (2).”

  1. inge Says:

    Prachtig. Prachtig. Prachtig!

  2. lieke Says:


  3. Ingrid Says:

    goh Hermine, what a beautiful scarf…and what is his name??

  4. Ingrid Says:

    I’m thinking about it because today you were Coco..designing and making a wonderfull scarf…so let’s think about it,ok?(if you like?)

  5. renilde Says:

    prachtig! zonde dat het zo warm is:-)

  6. echt super mooi hermine !

  7. Kristina Says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful!!

  8. jokemijn Says:

    super super mooi!

  9. […] summer I made a few scarfs, one called ‘Cloud’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Untitled 2′ …. . I want to weave scarfs again, and maybe sell them. I started this weekend, and soon I […]

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