Today I recieved my first blog-award from ‘If Jane’ (don’t know what the nice lady’s name is) from this blog. So happy with it, the award made my day ! Thank you so much !
The rules are you must say 7 things about yourself and pass the award on to some of your favorite blogs and let them know, so here goes ……

° I love to drink a coffee in my favourite café and just look at people, how they move, listen to what they are saying, …
° Love to cut my hair by myself, when I start I almost can’t stop cutting it.
° Love to put my music on and just dance, you should have to try that !
° Love to get up very early in the morning, love the feeling of being alone with that beautiful morning sun.
° My dream is to have an own shop one day, will sell own designs and designs from other people, maybe with a little corner were people can drink a coffee and read a book.
° Love to buy postcards, you never can have to much of them. I also like to send letters to people I do not know.
° Love the winter, the freezingcold. I can’t wait till the winter is back in the country, but still have to wait a few months I guess.

Now my favourite bloggers:

Rozijn, here you can find the most lovely home-made-pictures !

Renilde’s blog ‘at-swim-two-birds’ is just a lovely place, love her way of thinking.

Jokemijn, the best way to find new lovely shops, adresses, trends, … or just beautiful things !

Sunken treasure, a beautiful blog from Sophie, love her jewelry soo much !

This are just a few blogs that I like, I think everyone in my list (–>) deserve this award !


6 Responses to “Award.”

  1. jokemijn Says:

    dankjewel voor het lieve compliment 🙂

  2. Sophie Says:

    🙂 zeer lief

  3. renilde Says:

    hé wat lief! fijn weekend 🙂

  4. if jane Says:

    oh you are super! ;))
    ave the post-cards and the freezing cold…that’s me too. ;))

  5. if jane Says:

    ooops…i meant “save the post-cards…”

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