Dress (2)


The first fitting session.
Today I have to finish the dress with an embroidery, and then tomorow and friday I will make some nice pictures of Elise. In the city, and at her home. She love to bake some pie, so I want to take pictures of her busy baking in the kitchen. I’m a bit excited !

The three of us, Tanja, Hermine and Elise.


3 Responses to “Dress (2)”

  1. […] meer foto’s moet je op hermine haar blog […]

  2. marie Says:

    looks great – have fun tomorrow!

  3. Lieke Says:

    hihi! Tanja, Hermine en Elise….waar is Hermine dan!!??? OWWWW in de spiegel:P hihi kon je eerst niet vinden!!

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