Today it was the fitting of a dress I designed. After 100 try’s of making the dress by myself I contacted ‘Forêt Féerique’. They wanted to help me, they want to make the dress for me. So to do something back for them I designed some broches for their summercollection. (I will show them soon.)
I’m happy with the result, it’s one dress who you can wear inside and out.

First part of the dress, and Elise, my model. (She looks so funny !)

Tanja Lauw, working in her beautiful atelier.

Tanja’s workingplace.

The fight with the dress.


3 Responses to “Dress.”

  1. Lieke Says:


  2. mooi. De broches wil ik ook wel eens zien : )

  3. coco Says:

    cute dress! YOu did a good job.

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