I forgot something !!

3 days ago, the 29th May, was my blogs anniversary. One year old. Something to celebrate, don’t you think ?

I’m so happy with it, my blog is really a part of me. I started my blog because I want one place to bring all nice things together. Normally I write things down in 10 different books, and then I want to search something back, but I can’t remember in wich on I wrote it down. I also forgot some nice memories, things that made me smile. So a blog was the perfect way to put all my memories and finds together. Like a diary. But it makes me feel so good, and it surprise me every single day, over and over again, that it isn’t only something for myself. But that I can make other people happy with it. Your little comments makes me smile, and makes me feel so good. They make my day.

So I want to thank you for being so nice and sweet to me, and thank you for the lovely reactions. They make me feel the most lucky women on earth. Thank you !

Barista – Ghent

Pie and a little song to celebrate !


5 Responses to “Forget.”

  1. jokemijn Says:

    taart voor iedereen!

  2. marie Says:

    congrats!! i hope you bought your (blog) self a piece of cake 😉

  3. Marie Says:

    Happy blog’birthday !

  4. Zeer fijn !

    laïs Lenski is mooi. Ben jij ook een fan van Laïs ? Ik heb alle cd en ik kan niet meer tellen hoe vaak ik ze wel niet heb gezien.
    De foto’s van de cd Laïs Lenski zijn gemaakt door een meisje uit de kunsthumaniora, wel heel fijn om te weten.

    Ik kijk al uit wat er dit nieuwe jaar allemaal op je blog te zien zal zijn.


  5. Maar nu zit ze denk ik niet meer op de kunsthumaniora maar ze zat er toch ook op school : )

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