Saturday is my weekly-day-off, then I try to clear my head, and load my battery. Today I went to the library, and found two cd’s of DAAU (I’m into their music at the moment) and tought about some project I want to do with library-books. You will hear soon what I want to do, something with surprising other readers. After the exames, and jury I will start.
After that I brought a present to a dear friend, tonight she will get it. Hope she will be very happy, but I think she does. I like to surprise my friends, when they are a bit sad, or just without a reason. Love to make them happy.

I was sitting in the sun, with my favourite basket next to me, just looking at the people. And then I saw this. The girl sitting next to me was wearing a dress made out of the same fabric as my scarf. That kind of little things makes me smile, and let me feel so happy.

I also went to ‘the copyright’, that’s a lovely bookstore. I love to look, smell, feel all the beautiful books. I made myself a wish-list. ‘Some work’ a book about Benjamin Verdonck, Kiki Smith Photographs ( that’s the book on the picture), ‘remake it home’ a beautiful book about design, furniture, textile, … .

Just reading a magazine.


4 Responses to “Saturday.”

  1. marie Says:

    sounds like the perfect unwinding day 😉

  2. inge Says:

    Dat boek van Kiki Smith moet ik ook eens gaan bekijken!

  3. jokemijn Says:

    fijne zaterdag. Ik heb ook ooit met een vriend een idee gehad rond boeken, het was nogal groots en een beetje onrealiseerbaar wegens te technisch, maar het fijne kleine deel past misschien wel bij je. Soms worden in antwerpen bib-boeken verkocht voor een halve euro, we wilden een stapel boeken kopen en die op leuke plaatsen achterlaten met de boodschap dat mensen ze na het lezen weer ergens anders mochten achterlaten. Geen idee of het zou werken, misschien proberen we het ooit wel.

  4. Mandy Says:

    Loving the spots, hope you had a lovely day off.

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