‘Wollondilly’ is one of my favourite shops, you can find this lovely place in the most beautiful street of Antwerp. The shop, the bags and jewels, and Ann (she is the owner of the shop) are very lovely. She is always very nice to everybody, I like that. Ann makes the bags by herself and at the moment there is an exibition of her in Japan (something to be proud of !). You can find here more information.


3 Responses to “Wollondilly.”

  1. Lyn Davey Says:

    Hi Hermine
    a Google Alert has bought me to your blog.
    How lovely that you have named your business Wollondilly.
    Good luck spreading the word 🙂
    Lyn Davey
    Born & Bred Wollondillian
    Tourism Officer
    Wllondilly Shire Council

    • Hermine Van Dijck Says:

      Hi Lyn,
      thanks for the comment, but it isn’t my business. It is the little shop of An Schrauwen. You can find more information of her, here.

      Thank you.

  2. jokemijn Says:

    wat leuk 🙂 ik kom er ook elke keer voorbij. En het is ook echt mijn lievelingsbuurt. Ik droom altijd dat er ooit een mooi pandje vrijkomt en dat ik dan de moed heb om er een winkeltje te beginnen.

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