Embroidery work nr° 1


My first large embroidery work is finished. I love to do some embroidery, it’s the perfect thing to do when I take the train (something I do a few times a week). I’m also very happy with how it turned out. Still thinking if I will frame it or not. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

Meanwhile, I start a new embroidery work.

embroidery work (1)

embroidery work (1)

embroidery work (1)

embroidery work (1)

embroidery work (1)

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8 Responses to “Embroidery work nr° 1”

  1. Niina Says:

    So beautiful! Make an pillowcase out of it? Or then frame it – it should be on show all the time!

  2. […] This Embroidery Sampler by Hermine on Journal de Jours is so inspiring. Using a sampling of geometric cross stitch patterns scattered over a linen background, Hermine has created a wonderful work of art. […]

  3. Saskia Says:

    Beautiful! You inspired me to pick up my needle again, thank you!

  4. paravent Says:

    Just wonderful! I’ve been wanting to do a sampler for ages. So inspiring :) Kx

  5. Barbara Says:

    Beautiful! Lovely colours.

  6. […] making the first one, I’m completely in love with doing embroidery. Both works, the first one, and this, are inspired on the twill-weavings (which I love !). I’m now making a third work, […]

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