De Plantage.


Tomorrow evening we will open our creative workspace called “De Plantage” in Antwerp. It’s a big space where you can find my atelier. I share this with 3 other creative people, and we are very happy to show our space.

In June, we arrived in an empty space. Gray sad walls, no doors, only a lot of dust. After some months of working, the atelier is finished (I have to admid, I wasn’t the most handy in doing this renovation works. Oeps). And now everyone can have a look to “De plantage”.

I also decided to keep a little stocksale of some work I made a while ago. You can find some pouches, handbags, scraves, little textile works, postcards, …
The sale will be open from 19u – ….. (only cash)

You are all welcome !







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13 Responses to “De Plantage.”

  1. pauline kick Says:

    Hallo Hermine, Al een tijdje geniet ik van je blog. Antwerpen is voor ons toch nog wel een eind uit de buurt (Noord-Nederland. Jammer, want ik had graag een kijkje willen nemen. Heel veel succes,

    groeten Pauline

  2. lotte Says:

    congratulation! & have a nice, nice opening party! – your creations are so beautiful! the combination of colours, pattern and your own, special style. i again, again and again am amazed, when i have a look to your blog. lovely greetings, lotte. :)

  3. anne Says:

    Wat leuk! Jammer dat Antwerpen niet om de hoek ligt, in dat geval was ik zeker een kijkje komen nemen. Veel succes morgen!

  4. elke Says:

    succes! hopelijk volgen er wat foto’s want ik ben wel benieuwd maar zal er niet geraken
    mm, een groot atelier lijkt mij heerlijk en ‘de plantage'; fijne naam

  5. Veel succes, jammer dat Antwerpen niet in de buurt ligt anders was ik zeker komen kijken.

  6. very beautiful work Hermine!
    good luck for your studio opening I look forward to seeing the photos x

  7. Eryn Says:

    exceedingly wonderful!!!

  8. Sara Martins Says:

    best of luck in the opening!

  9. dear Hermine , I am so glad that I re-found your blog again , I really missed it and could not remember the name of it ,by chance I “stumbled” on it again :)
    I cannot get the huge woven shawl out of my head with the neon orange triangles cleverly tucked into one corner , it is equisite !
    I also have some pilea plants and adore them.

  10. sarapirat Says:

    oh, pannekoekenplant, mijn favoriet!
    leuk hier te zijn weer, wat mak je onzettend prachtige dingen!

  11. Sylv. Says:

    I love your creations… but i’m in France. Is it possible to order?

    • Hello !

      At the moment I’m busy with thinking about opening a webshop.

      But it’s also able to send me an e-mail with what you would like to buy, and then I can make something on demand for you.
      Like a handbag, little bags, scarves, … . Feel free to e-mail me for more information.

      Thanks !

  12. Mette Says:

    Congratulations! Wish I could drop by – I love your work.

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